About us

Business ethics and legal compliance

We are constantly improving our compliance system in order to ensure legal compliance. On the one hand, this system ensures that legislative changes are taken into consideration as quickly as possible. On the other hand, it is our way of ensuring that changes are communicated and that their implementation is reviewed. The Compliance Management team is responsible for development of the ALPLA Code of Conduct and for compliance with all the legal provisions.

There were no notable violations in the reporting period, no legal proceedings were initiated against ALPLA and no fines in excess of 1,000 euros or any other penalties were imposed on the company.


We will ensure that environmental legislation and regulations are complied with throughout the organisation and that there are no violations of these.

Since 2015, all ALPLA employees throughout the world with computer access have been given training on the Code of Conduct through our e-learning platform. There, every employee confirms that they have studied and understood the content. Production staff with no computer access are provided with information on the Code of Conduct either directly upon joining the company or in classroom training sessions. In total, there have already been a good 16,000 training sessions, around 3,400 of which were in 2020 alone.


Anti-corruption – Code of Conduct

As a global enterprise, ALPLA has a great deal of responsibility and lives up to its responsibilities with a sustainable company focus. The key principles here are fair and honest contact, a spirit of partnership, respectful treatment and mutual consideration, equal treatment of all individuals and law-abiding behaviour. Our company is built on these principles and we expect our employees and partners to observe these values too.

Safe, hygienic labour conditions and the strict observance of safety regulations are the cornerstones of our organisation. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or sexual harassment. We do not tolerate child labour under any circumstances and we guarantee this by means of internal checks. Our operations are to a large extent shaped by the sustainable use of resources and comprehensive use of recycling options.

It is a matter of course for us to observe the legal provisions that apply in each country. In this context, we refer in particular to competition, antitrust and corruption laws.