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Sustainability at ALPLA

ALPLA Sustainability Steering Council

ALPLA’s Sustainability Steering Council determines the company-wide sustainability targets. It is made up among other things of representatives of various company departments including HR, Sales, Recycling, Operation Management, Strategy and Plant Engineering. Its members regularly discuss upcoming challenges and how to deal with them. The ongoing coordination and monitoring of implementation and the regular sustainability reporting activities are the responsibility of the ALPLA Sustainability Management team. This is part of the Strategy, Sustainability & Circular Economy department and is therefore directly subordinate to the CEO.

ALPLA Sustainability Steering Council
From left: Ricardo Rehm, Aswathy Koottummel, Gerhard Geismayr, Philipp Lehner, Dietmar Marin, Günther Lehner, Walter Ritzer, Linda Staib, Nicolas Lehner, Christoph Hoffmann and Martin Stark.