Environment & environmental impacts

Production energy efficiency

The topic of energy has an important part to play on the road from a raw material to plastic packaging. As electricity accounts for 95 per cent of our energy consumption and therefore has a major influence on our overall production costs and on the environment, we will focus exclusively on electrical energy here.

ALPLA has always set especially great store by the efficient and responsible use of energy and resources. Therefore, only the very latest technologies are used in the interests of the environment and customer benefits. ALPLA’s energy management is very sophisticated, as demonstrated by comparative figures from within the industry.

ALPLA needed 2,331 GWh of electrical energy around the world in 2020, compared with 2,324 GWh in 2019.


The region with the greatest energy usage in 2020 was Western Europe (28 per cent), followed by Mexico and Central America (15 per cent) and Central and Eastern Europe (14 per cent).


Energy management at ALPLA

For ALPLA, a state-of-the-art infrastructure is the key factor when it comes to energy management. A dedicated team conducts annual plant energy assessments at selected sites. On average, five to six sites undergo such a thorough assessment every year. Our experts analyse the production plants’ energy consumption and efficiency. An individual action plan is then drawn up for each plant based on the results and in accordance with its future economic development.


The savings potential following a successful assessment is around 10 per cent. Much of the savings are made possible by investments in new systems and machinery or by making modernisations. Savings are also made on the basis of organisational measures and process optimisations, in particular in the area of compressed air.


We will increase our energy efficiency globally by 3.5 per cent by 2022 in comparison to 2018.

Systematic energy management plays a part in sustainably reducing energy consumption, energy costs and emissions. For us, it is essential that the plants’ specific energy consumption is reduced or remains stable based on the same configuration. This is ensured through continuous checks and employee training. The regional energy managers log the key figures and take appropriate steps where necessary.


Certification and training

All plant energy assessments are carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the energy-specific ISO 50001 standard. The European plants are subject to the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, and the prescribed audits are carried out there by external auditors. All the plants within the European Union have been certified in accordance with ISO 50001 since the end of 2019.

All employees responsible for energy management and plant engineering receive regular training. Training sessions in the area of engineering are currently held online six times a year. In the future, we also want to develop special training for employees in the area of maintenance.


"Keeping energy expenditure as low as possible"

Martin Stark, Director of Corporate Plant Engineering, and his team are responsible among other things for ensuring that the ALPLA plants have the right electricity supply. The focus here is on maximum energy efficiency and the use of electricity from renewable sources.

Interview with Martin Stark