Efficiency & technology

Our approach

ALPLA is a family-owned enterprise with more than 65 years of history. We plan our activities strategically and for the long term because we want our position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative packaging solutions to continue to be upheld by stable foundations.

Here, proactive communication with the end consumers, creating awareness of the advantages of plastic packaging and the sustainable innovations of the Research & Development department are all playing increasingly important roles. Our goal is to guarantee secure, affordable and sustainable consumption for the earth’s 10 billion inhabitants in 2050. We do not therefore go in for growth at all costs. Rather, we focus on our company’s financial strength and resilience and on measures that offer the ALPLA Group as a whole added value.


We set great store by fostering our existing relations while also tapping new market segments. To promote innovation, we create a motivational environment for our staff and we facilitate networking.

ALPLA has sites in 46 countries spread across four continents (as at 2020). A key component of our corporate philosophy is to manufacture packaging there where it is needed by our customers. Our in-house production plants are a distinctive feature here, being directly linked to our customers’ bottling facilities and therefore offering a multitude of advantages.