People & society

Employment & labour conditions

Our employees are crucial to our economic success. Additionally, each and every employee is an ambassador of the company and shapes ALPLA’s image. Our aim is to have enthusiastic and productive employees who apply their expertise and skills in the right positions. We therefore offer not only a work environment with excellent development opportunities, but also voluntary social benefits and a good work-life balance. We are keen to take individual needs into account and nurture social cohesion.


Equal opportunities and diversity

The people who work for ALPLA are important to us. We treat everybody the same, regardless of their background, gender or beliefs. Not only do we respect differences, we also regard them as a source of innovation and of our success.

Our aim is to expand our strengths and reduce any weaknesses that may exist in order to develop the right people in the right positions. In principle, all doors are open to our employees at ALPLA.

Gerhard Geismayr, Director of Corporate Human Resources

It is our responsibility to create a healthy and safe work environment at our sites around the world. Our employees should not be subject to injury or other harm as part of their duties. Furthermore, we ensure that we give our employees the opportunity to develop, grow on a personal level and take control of their own lives. Important criteria here include a reliable income and the means to be able to provide for one’s own family.

Our value system corresponds to internationally recognised ethical standards such as the ETI Base Code. It has always been our goal not only to comply with, but also to exceed the legal requirements, thereby setting an example. ALPLA currently has production sites in 46 countries around the world. We are aware that not everything can be implemented in these countries in the way we would like. We nevertheless see it as a significant part of our social responsibility to remain true to our principles and initiate improvements. We do not tolerate discrimination, sexual harassment, child labour or forced labour, and we believe that these should be prevented at all costs.

Regular audits such as SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit) are conducted by independent, external companies to verify that we are compliant in this regard. Our platinum score on the independent EcoVadis platform also confirms this. This enables companies to monitor their suppliers’ social and environmental performance.


We will improve our global EcoVadis score from 63 points in 2018 to 67 points in 2022.

Family-owned enterprise

We think long-term and act for the benefit of future generations. In keeping with our company founder Alwin Lehner, the owner family represents the principles of reliability and consistency and therefore embodies the core values of our corporate philosophy. Family-friendly labour conditions are a matter of great importance to ALPLA, which is why we are keen to in particular support young families in striking the right work-life balance.


Case studies – our activities for our employees



The ALPLA Kids day care centre has been a part of the ALPLA corporate family since 2007. The aim of ALPLA Kids is to enable parents to reconcile their career with having a family and to give the children optimum development opportunities. The children ranging in age from 15 months to six years are cared for by qualified educationalists in accordance with the progressive teaching approach of Maria Montessori. The ALPLA kids learn from one another in small, mixed-age groups, are pushed and are well cared for, and help one another, just like in a family. The day care centre has plenty of space in which the children can play, do gymnastics, frolic and dance, be outside, eat, rest and sleep.


Integration of people with disabilities
ALPLA India champions giving people with disabilities the opportunity to secure a job and be fully integrated, and has received the Bengt Lindqvist Inclusive Employer Award as a result. This is down to a group of NGOs from India, Nepal and Bangladesh in collaboration with York University in Canada.

Targeted promotion of women
In February 2021, the Silvassa 2 plant in India became ALPLA’s first gender-balanced plant. An important part in this was played by women being permitted to work night shifts for the first time. As part of this, there is a transport service for their safety on their way to and from work as well as various training opportunities for new career options. Welcome events are held, giving women and their parents the opportunity to get to know the company. In addition, a party was held at every plant to mark International Women’s Day.


On ALPLA Family Day held in South America and the USA, the employees’ children and families can go to work with them to see exactly what they do at work. This forges a stronger bond between families and the company. Their time at the company is also used to teach them about occupational health and safety and environmental protection.